Improving potency and libido: what needs to be done to enhance

Improving potency and strengthening your intimate capabilities is a voluminous topic that is relevant for every man. A correct lifestyle, regularity of sexual intercourse, the use of traditional medicine - all this affects the improvement of abilities, but takes time before the result occurs.

A man improved his potency before intercourse with a woman

There are situations when you need to improve male potency and strengthen libido as quickly as possible. For example, before a romantic date, where you really want to impress your companion with your passion, sometimes you need to increase your potency.


There is no reason to think about how to strengthen potency if there is no strength, vigor, and there is only a bad mood and fatigue. No matter how strong a man’s libido is, it can hardly be improved and strengthened in this state during a rendezvous.

Potency is controlled by the brain, so if the brain gives the command to "lie down and rest, " it is very difficult to count on strengthening potency. This means that you can improve your libido if you trick your brain a little, using:

  • Short sleep or rest with maximum relaxation.
  • Contrast shower.
  • Easy charging.
  • Have a delicious light dinner with a cup of natural coffee.

Our body has a lot of energy reserves, and these simple techniques are quite enough to strengthen our strength, and strengthening will help ensure that potency does not fail.

A good method to improve your strength is caffeine. Many men prefer to drink a little alcohol, but for activity it would be much better to drink strong natural coffee, natural cocoa, hot chocolate or well-brewed tea with a slice of lemon. In addition, a man who drinks alcohol is unlikely to look decent in the eyes of his woman.

If a man feels tired, he needs to take a contrast shower


Stress greatly affects a man’s potency, namely, it strengthens the fear of a new partner. Even the strongest desire can be stopped by banal anxiety, a subconscious fear of "not being up to par, " and this cannot improve his libido. The best thing you can do is relax, improve your breathing rhythm and convince yourself through self-persuasion that everything will be fine. You should not use medications to calm you down - if the ultimate goal of the date is not a sweet dream at the side of a discouraged girlfriend, but to improve your intimate life.

A little secret in this situation is to take vitamin C - ordinary ascorbic acid. It has the ability to relieve stress by influencing adrenal hormones and improve mood. Therefore, after drinking 5-6 tablets before the meeting, you can go to it calmly, relaxed and confident. Even if the reception works as a placebo, the situation will definitely not be worse.

dietary supplements

Not everyone wants to use synthetic drugs to improve potency in men, and this is absolutely correct. If the body seriously gets used to them, potency will depend only on the coveted pill that can improve it, and this is a very dubious prospect.

Chinese dietary supplement for improving potency is a plant-based food supplement that can have a tone-improving effect before the rendezvous.

The drug works due to its composition, which can strengthen strength in bed:

  • Horny goat weed is an aphrodisiac plant that increases testosterone.
  • Ginseng is a root that increases the level of desire and can improve the activity of the entire body.
  • Northern moss - ensures blood flow to the pelvic organs, due to which an erection occurs.
  • Krill extract is a source of substances that increase testosterone.

The product for men also contains medicinal herbs and zinc, which do not immediately enhance sexual abilities, but generally affect activity, endurance, and can improve health. It is noteworthy that the supplement can be used by people of both sexes, in women it acts as a method to improve pleasure, in men - as a means of strengthening erections.

You can take the drug in two ways:

  • One-time, so that potency improves immediately before the act in 20-30 minutes.
  • A course so that potency never causes problems. The manufacturer advises taking 1-2 capsules for two weeks to strengthen the reproductive system, after which you need to take a break for a similar period.

The dietary supplement has no contraindications or restrictions, but it cannot be mixed with alcohol and is not recommended to drink if you have high blood pressure.

Other medicines

Despite the fact that most men refuse to take specially created drugs that work to increase erection, many of them find, right without leaving the pharmacy, what they need to take to improve their sex life and strengthen their strength on the romantic front. For example, there is a drug based on royal jelly, which is prescribed to weak and asthenic children with poor appetite and anxiety disorders, in order to strengthen the immune system. And men who doubt their sexual power use it as a means that can strengthen an erection.

The answer to this phenomenon is that libido is positively influenced by bee royal jelly, which can improve libido and make sexual intercourse better and longer lasting. But it’s rare that a man will want to tinker with royal jelly, because it’s much easier to go to the pharmacy, buy a drug based on royal jelly, put it under the tongue, one tablet three times a day, and wait for the tone to improve.

Water procedures

You can improve potency before intercourse with ice. Resourceful men used this method many decades ago, but even today it does not lose its relevance due to its ease of execution.

The simplest way to strengthen your tone is to go to the steam room and then dive into a cold plunge pool. But if the time frame while waiting for a date does not leave the opportunity to go to the bathhouse, strengthening can be achieved more simply: fill two containers with water of different temperatures - let one be moderately hot, and the second cold, but not icy. By lowering your penis alternately into each container, you can improve your libido.

You can supplement the methods of improving male power with cold water by using ice. To do this, you need to take half a kilogram of ice, wrap it in a towel and alternately apply it to your head, heart, and scrotum for exactly one minute. It is necessary to repeat the manipulations until the ice melts. It is extremely important not to chill the organs in an attempt to strengthen sexual functions, otherwise the strengthening will be in vain.

Physical exercise

In order to improve sexual function, it is necessary to master the technique of performing physical exercises and strengthen the body. The person is asked to sit on the mat, clasp the heel tendon with his hands and begin to rub it. At the same time, when the hand goes down, the pressure should be strong, and when it goes up, it should be light, stroking.

But it is much easier to do simple muscle strengthening exercises, which will force blood to circulate properly in the pelvic organs. These include:

  • Rocking the pelvis in different directions.
  • Squats.
  • Squeezing the thigh muscles from a standing position.
  • From a lying position, lift your legs up one at a time and describe circular movements with your fingertips.
Physical exercises for blood circulation in the pelvic organs

According to numerous reviews, the most effective physical training method to improve potency in men is squats. But the moment of pleasure from the exercise is very important. If a feeling of physical satisfaction from exercise appears after jumping rope, playing ball or doing pull-ups on a bar, then this is what a particular man needs, his personal ways to improve tone before intercourse. And strengthening the muscular system will be a pleasant bonus to your attractiveness.

Healthy lifestyle

Of course, there are many methods on how to strengthen your confidence in your sexual abilities and not embarrass yourself with the lady of your heart on a romantic date. In the end, you can regularly take a pill from the pharmacy and not think about the body’s own capabilities, for which strengthening strength is the way to increase capabilities.

To ensure that the problem of emergency improvement of libido does not arise every time, it is better to adhere to simple rules that will tell you exactly how to improve potency for many years, without chemicals or methods hazardous to health.

  1. Regular sex life with a regular partner.
  2. A balanced diet that will maintain optimal levels of hormones, including sex hormones, in the blood.
  3. Playing sports improves overall tone and energy, strengthens muscles.
  4. Quitting bad habits such as drinking alcohol or smoking. It has been proven that a smoker faces problems with erectile dysfunction more often than a person who quit smoking.
  5. Timely and regular examination by a urologist, testing and treatment of any detected pathologies.

These five simple rules will enable the quality of sexual life to improve independently, without using any measures or methods to artificially strengthen an erection.